Who: Moustached people (you!)
What: Flip Cup and prizes for Man of Movember and Miss Movember (these prizes will be in pitcher of beer form)
Where: Bar des Pins When: Saturday November 26 at 9pm.
 Why?: Charity. And EdUS is buying the first 25 pitchers for flip cup.

Get there early.  

Tickets are 10$ pre-sale and at the door with all proceeds going straight to Movember Canada. Your ticket gets you a free beer when you walk in the door. 

Tickets will be available as of Monday at the EdUS office during office hours or e-mail your lovely VPs Internal to get your tickets! internal.edus@mail.mcgill.ca

Search B.Y.O.M Flip Cup @ BDP on Facebook for more info/hype 
email internal.edus@mail.mcgill.ca for more info or to say something nice to us

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