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1. The Scholastic Book Fair is returning to McGill! Come to Room 103 in the Education Building from 10:00am - 2:00pm from Monday, February 13th until Wednesday, February 15th to pick up some great resources for yourself and your classroom!

2. EdUS is hosting a TOWN HALL. This is a forum to discuss topics such as the extension of the third field experience, tuition hikes and protests, the David Dillon project and anything else that influences Education students. February 16th @ 6:00-8:00pm in Room 129 of the Education Building.

3. The EdUS elections are starting up! Check out the HOME page for details!
1. EdUS and EGSS are hosting a Wine and Cheese from 4pm to 7pm on Tuesday, January 24th.

2. Are you in U0 or U1? EdUS is hosting a "first year" dinner to try and foster some community within our faculty! We all know that in your first year, especially when you're taking subject area courses, you might not really feel like an Education student. We want to fix that! On Wednesday, January 25th from 3pm to 6pm come to the Lounge in the Education Building (basement 1 - you can take the stairs or the elevator and wander until you find the couches and microwaves!) for FREE PIZZA and a chance to meet other U0/U1 Education Students as well as members of your Education Undergraduate Society.

3. On Thursday, January 26th EdUs, in collaboration with The Big Blue Hug, is hosting a FREE Picture Talking Workshop from 6:30 to 8

Happy Holidays from EdUS! 
EdUS Office Hours will resume in the New Year- the schedule will be posted as soon as it is ready. 

Check the Events page for details about a workshop, hosted by EdUS, coming late January. 

Have a great holiday and end to 2011. I hope you enjoy wearing your boots more than this dog does - you'll probably need them!

 The annual QPAT Teacher's Conference will be held November 24-25 at Palais des congres de Montreal. EdUS has a limited amount of tickets and the SAO will be handing out the remaining tickets. Come to office hours to pick up a ticket!
Who: Moustached people (you!)
What: Flip Cup and prizes for Man of Movember and Miss Movember (these prizes will be in pitcher of beer form)
Where: Bar des Pins When: Saturday November 26 at 9pm.
 Why?: Charity. And EdUS is buying the first 25 pitchers for flip cup.

Get there early.  

Tickets are 10$ pre-sale and at the door with all proceeds going straight to Movember Canada. Your ticket gets you a free beer when you walk in the door. 

Tickets will be available as of Monday at the EdUS office during office hours or e-mail your lovely VPs Internal to get your tickets!

Search B.Y.O.M Flip Cup @ BDP on Facebook for more info/hype 
email for more info or to say something nice to us
Millions of people across the world do not have access to vital lifesaving HIV/AIDS treatment. The vast majority of people infected with HIV worldwide don’t know it, as they have never had a chance to get tested for the virus. If that makes you upset, come out and express yourself! Volunteers from Friends of MSF McGill will set up stations all over the Downtown campus over the next two weeks to educate you on the 5 reasons to be angry about the lack of access to HIV/AIDS treatment. After hearing the facts, you will be asked to snap a picture of your angry face, which will be posted on the Friends of MSF group on Facebook! 

So come out, express yourself, and show us your ANGRY FACE! 
Donate your used eyewear (prescription eyewear and non-prescription sunglasses), to OneSight a program dedicated to improving vision for those in need.

Boxes located in the following areas around campus: (no cases are needed)
 - Education Lounge
 - Bronfman Lobby
 - McConnell Engineering (newsstand across from frostbite)
 - Leacock (beside the coffee shop)
 - SSMU Building 4th floor (right in front of the elevator)

All boxes will be collected November 27th.